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formulating brand awareness

brand strategy + brand identity + brand experience =

a formula for brand awareness

Design2influence uses this formula to focus on the entirety of the branded approach. It’s more than physical and digital media. It’s about understanding your company, positioning you to succeed and developing an identity that will carry consistency through different mediums. We want to create a brand experience that reaches your market. Our job isn’t merely to design but to design2influence.

brand strategy

It all starts with discovering who you are. We interview your audiences, both internal and external, to determine your brand’s perceived attributes. Then we formulate a brand strategy using Jean-Noel Kapferer’s brand prism. We narrow those perceptions into universally understood messages and graphics that can be communicated simply and clearly to your audience and use consistently throughout all marketing communications and advertising.

brand identity

The brand strategy drives your look, personality, and style. There is plenty of information to convey, but a clear, simplistic approach will draw more attention to your brand identity. We take this approach on all items that represent your brand. Consistency is key to effective influencing.

brand experience

Through advertising, customers are continuously collecting images, information and experiencing your brand through various media. It’s our job not only to ensure your brand identity is consistent but also creatively produce communications to ensure a unique message of remembrance.

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