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It all starts with discovering who you are. We interview your audiences, both internal and external, to determine your brand’s perceived attributes. Then we formulate a brand strategy using the brand prism. We narrow those perceptions into universally understood messages and graphics that can be communicated simply and clearly to your audience.

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Brand Prism

brand prism

Design2influece built its brand identity on Jean-Noel Kapferer’s brand identity prism. Kapferer developed the prism to help businesses identify core values to carry throughout their brand identity. The prism contains six elements that are positioned based on their relationship between business (sender) and client (recipient). The elements between these points are based on internal (personality, culture, self-image) and external (physique, relationship, reflection) concepts. Design2influence uses the brand prism as its primary focus when developing a marketing and brand strategy.

Brand Prism - personality


A brand’s character, tone, and persona from the customer’s point of view.

Brand Prism - culture


The values and guiding principles that form the infrastructure of your brand.

Brand Prism - self-image


How customers perceive themselves when engaging with your brand/product.

Brand Prism - reflection


How a brand portrays its target group through specific beliefs or attributes.

Brand Prism - relationship


The way your brand connects to its target audience and how it maintains that connection.

Brand Prism - physique


The colors, shapes, and design elements that manifest the visual and physical features of your brand.

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