brand identity

crafting the look

Brand strategy drives your look, personality, and style. It’s an intricate process, but the more simplistic the approach is, the more attention it will draw. We employ this approach to all the physical and visual elements of your brand. Consistency is a fundamental concept in influencing and delivering on your brand’s promise. Design2influence draws on a client’s strengths to create visual elements and standards to build an authentic identity across all brand elements.

  • logo development
  • supporting elements
  • brand guidelines
  • brand management & protection
  • brand acquisitions

brand prism

Design2influence utilizes Jean-Noel Kapferer’s brand prism to build your unique look. The prism consists of six elements: personality, culture, self-image, reflection, relationship, and physique. Your brand strategy will help formulate a personalized identity and persona that is concise and unique. Formulating your identity includes all physical and visual elements. We’ll evaluate everything from colors and shapes to audience perception.

Identity logo


The logo is the visual representation of your brand. It consists of 3 parts: icon, logotype, and/or tagline. Logos are crucial to accurate brand perception because it represents your company on every item you produce. How much value do you place on your logo and brand? That will determine how much value you put on your overall brand perception.

identity color palette
identity color palette
identity color palette
identity color palette

color palette

The color palette gives the brand personality and character. Colors have meaning, create feelings, and draw attention. It’s essential to select a color palette that accentuates and reflects the brand. We develop a brand’s color palette around the Pantone® Matching System (PMS), so we have accurate colors across all mediums. This provides clear brand identity and communication throughout an organization and to other vendors.
Identity typography
Identity typography
Identity typography


The typography is similar to the color palette by giving the brand a persona. It helps push your brand’s message. Using a consistent typeface will make the brand more recognizable. We believe in using fewer fonts and developing a definite hierarchy to make your messages clear, consistent, legible, and impactful.

Identity supporting elements

supporting elements

Every brand needs marketing materials to communicate who they are and what they do. Design2influence crafts supporting elements to carry a brand’s identity across different mediums. It’s crucial to make sure you’re consistent and on-brand every time you show your logo.

brand standards

Your brand will be everywhere, and it’s our goal to develop a system to bring brand consistency to every touchpoint. Without a well-defined standard of usage, your brand will be left open to interpretation by anyone who encounters it. These standards will help communicate how other agencies or vendors should use your brand to maintain product consistency. 

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