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bringing out the joy in fun footwear



Joybees Footwear

Joybees produces and sells footwear for men, women and children. The company was founded in 2019 and began operations in 2020. True to their name, the company’s purpose is to “create joy for families.” They’re committed to producing comfortable, stylish footwear that’s fairly priced. design2influence partnered with Joybees from April to September 2022.


The client wanted to optimize their presence on social media and increase follower interactions. They also hoped to introduce more brand consistency across their social media accounts.


Joybees had several thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram and wanted to highlight the styles and versatility of their footwear. Our team created social graphics with consistent branding elements that showcased the company’s bee and honeycomb influences. We used a mix of animated and static images to enhance the look of Joybees shoes on the go.

services provided

  • social campaigns
  • email campaigns
  • photography

buzzworthy email campaigns

Emails were broken up into three categories: general brand stories, product features and retailer-focused information. Each category featured a specific design to engage recipients and encourage them to complete a call to action.

the joy of visual storytelling

Joybees provided various images of people wearing their products. Our team wanted to push the boundaries to find a different way to attract viewers’ attention. We conducted a photoshoot for the social and email campaigns featuring “dogs and clogs.” We also utilized user-generated content and used influencer marketing to add another layer to the Joybees’ brand.

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