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jessie walton

“There’s a creative angle to every project. You just need to be willing to work to find it,” said Jessie. “I listen to the client’s vision, ask questions, interpret all that information and then focus it into a design.”

Jessie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in 2021. Soon after, she was winning awards and other recognition for her work:

A 2022 Gold ADDY Award for “The Revelation Booth,” a Native American Installation she created.

A 2023 Gold ADDY Award for graphical/print elements for “In the Round,” a BGSU Speaker Series of Native Creatives.

Jessie was featured in GD USA Magazine for her connection to “In The Round” and in the Cherokee Nation newspaper, The Cherokee Phoenix, for her work on “The Revelation Booth.”

“I enjoy bringing warmth, color and movement into my work. Design is flowing and ever-changing. That’s one reason I enjoy this field. I’m constantly picking up new design magazines and books, filling up with new knowledge and inspiration.”

Jessie is a self-described “vinyl head” who managed a local record store. She makes her own candles using old jars and she loves unplugging and spending time in the woods.

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